By Gamers, For Gamers

Project Gamechanger is a fully self-funded, independent Games Development Studio based in Amsterdam. We want to bring a new, dynamic edge to the gaming industry by developing a huge fantasy multiplayer RPG that is made by gamers, for gamers.

Our core belief at Project Gamechanger, and the key part of our game development strategy is to never lose sight of the fact that we are gamers ourselves, and to make sure that the player’s enjoyment always comes first. We want to bring quality, entertaining games and franchises to the world that are also great value for money, and we want to do all of this whilst maintaining our integrity as gamers.

More than a Games Studio

Behind Project Gamechanger is a team of skilled individuals, and every member is passionate about their work. From concept artists and 3D animators to game developers and marketing strategists, our talented team operates from all over the world to ensure that our core beliefs are reflected in everything we do. You can meet our awesome team here >>

But we are more than just a games studio. We are enthusiastic innovators, devoted creatives and avid gamers who are all committed to a common goal: to create and expand brand new concepts and realities with all the care and attention needed to make your gameplay experience as exceptional as possible.

A Community

Our upcoming game, Depths of Erendorn, is a huge co-operative multiplayer game that combines elements of the classic dungeon crawlers with the enchanting fantasy RPG genre. But we aren’t stopping here.

Our eyes are already set on the future; and with every strong title release, immersive gameplay and intricate lore, we have a bulletproof recipe that will turn even casual players into hardcore gamers.

We are a community that cares about the needs and interests of gamers, and our aim is to satisfy one person: you.