Welcome to Erendorn…

…one of the biggest fantasy worlds you may ever enter. The scapes of this universe are teeming with hundreds of different races and thousands of wandering creatures, and they all want one thing: to live. The merchants may seem merry, the settlements may seem inviting, but don’t let yourself forget that this world is filled with many tricks and many dangers.

Digital painting of humanoid dragon breathing fire onto a group of fantasy characters


You can customise your character with a unique set of powerful abilities; and the further you delve into the perilous depths, the more your journey intensifies and the more powerful you become.

Digital illustration of a group of fantasy characters opening a treasure chest in a dark dungeon 

Depths of Erendorn is procedurally generated so that you get a totally unique game-play experience. There are a vast amount of events that can occur at any moment and affect your situation in a variety of ways.


Digital painting of Daggerclaw Harpies perched in a rocky mountain range

Depths of Erendorn isn’t just about killing enemies and looting treasure. It’s also hinged on teamwork, strategy and surviving for as long as possible. Do you have what it takes to make it out of these dungeons alive?

But there is one place…

…more harrowing than the rest. Whether you’ve stumbled through the home of the Bonelair Gargoyles, bravely ventured through the snow-capped Ice Plains or managed to escape the Land of the Dead, nothing compares to the dungeons that spread beneath the surface like a giant labyrinth. And if you go down to the depths below, you’d better not go alone…

Depths of Erendorn is a huge multiplayer online RPG that combines elements of the classic dungeon crawler with elements of mystic fantasy. In this world, you and your fellow group of adventurers will traverse the treacherous dungeons where you will come face-to-face with hundreds of beasts and enemies.


Digital painting of a group of Storm Elves firing blue magic into a stormy sky

But there is more waiting for you in the dungeons than menacing monsters. You may also uncover gold, weapons and magical items which you can either keep, sell at one of the many marketplaces, or trade with any merchants you may come across as you explore the scapes of Erendorn.


Digital painting of the Watertargs from upcoming fantasy game, Depths of Erendorn

With the events as well as dungeon layouts and enemy spawns being randomized, each group of players will experience every dungeon room differently every time. When you’re this far beneath the surface, anything can happen – so it is important to prepare and keep your wits about you.

Digital painting of Fen Elves in some marshes, holding bows and arrows