Descend into the darkest depths

Only the bravest can survive here. Will you be one of them?

DevLog Roundup: Settlement Revamps, Ability Work & New Badass Enemies

How do we summarise everything our devs got up to last month? Well, they modelled new enemies, from armoured guards to fiery salamanders; they created new animations, VFX and SFX for player abilities; they revamped the settlement with trading tents, a new starting...

Weekly DevLog: Finishing the Fire Salamander, Level 1 Abilities & Ice Cave SFX

We finished off a lot of stuff last week, including the Fire Salamander, VFX for level 1 abilities, and ambient sounds for the game’s Ice Dungeons. But there were also some new additions: a starting zone was added to the game’s settlement, our Earthen Dwarf has some...

Weekly DevLog: Improving the Settlement & Spoiling our Earthen Dwarf

While our settlement was treated to a bit of a facelift last week, with optimised assets and improved terrain, our Earthen Dwarf was spoilt with new animations and sound effects. In between all this, we finished sculpting the Fire Salamander and fixed two major bugs...

Weekly DevLog: Fire Salamanders, Epic Vistas & New Sound FX

This week’s devlog update on Depths of Erendorn will introduce you to fire-breathing Salamanders and show you the new, epic environment that surrounds our settlement in UE4. We’ve also got a ton of new sound fx for ambience and dark magic, as well as a new in-game...

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We understand – a world where you come face to face with creatures made from the fabric of your nightmares, and where you wander through harrowing dungeons that has danger lurking behind every corner, may sound pretty intense.

But it is also a world where you can stand your ground against hundreds of fearsome beasts, traverse treacherous territory with your trusted friends and embark on epic journeys in one of the biggest fantasy universes – and did we mention it was free?

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