A brand-new fantasy RPG, where simultaneous turn-based-combat allows you and your friends to tackle perilous dungeon depths and events, in an ever-changing online world.


Being a team of avid gamers, we found ourselves believing that a distinct lack of innovation has crept into the games industry, and we wanted to change that. We have our own innovative vision of what a modern day online RPG could be, and coupled with big thinking and an unwavering desire, we wanted to deliver on a truly game-changing RPG experience.

The Story

Erendorn is home to untold wonders, from powerful magic to precious items - but if you want to reap its rewards, you'll have to traverse every inch of its enormous fantasy world, as well as face the perilous, labyrinthine dungeons that crawl beneath its surface.


Simultaneous turn-based combat is at the heart of Depths of Erendorn. As you explore the dungeon depths, players will have to think strategically and work together to defeat bloodthirsty beasts and overcome formidable challenges. But nowhere is safe in these lands. Even above ground, your party's strength and tactics will be put to the test, with danger lurking around every corner.

Brave the Depths

With up to 15 unique character classes, from the resolute Human Knight to the ominous Twilight Elf Assassin, and a huge amount of customisation, you can play this online RPG exactly how you want. And by being procedurally generated, it will be different every time, keeping you on your toes no matter how skillful you become.


Coming Soon.
Rhino humanoid with a large axe in heavy metal armor