The history of Depths of Erendorn. Where it all started, how things changed along the way, and what we plan to deliver in the years to come!

ETA First Playable Alpha
June 2022
Started Creating Video DevLogs
Depths Of Erendorn Video Dev Log Splash
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March 2022
New Game Server Code Surpassed our old Game Server Features
February 2022
Moved Engine from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5
December 2021
First Trailer Uploaded to YouTube - Pre-Alpha
September 2019
Moved Engine from Unity to Unreal Engine 4
January 2019
Monthly Devlogs Start
September 2018
Weekly Devlogs Start
March 2018
First Playable Version of the Game
Visuals of game play with grid
August 2016
Start of Development in Unity
Unity logo
June 2015
Start of Design
Depths of erendorn starting googledoc header
Depths of Erendorn