August Devlog | Week #2 | No. 141

August 17, 2021
January 13, 2022

Highlights in this week’s devlog include a new Lucky Idol set piece, complete with fantastical floaties and melting candles, and new visuals for the Obsidian Portal concept. Speaking of portals, we’ve also begun creating sound effects for these dungeon gateways, so stick around to give those a listen. As always, join us on Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit for daily updates on Depths of Erendorn - now let’s get into it!

3D Modelling

After finishing off a quick tentacle asset (created using our own tentacle brush that we talked about here), our 3D Character Artist spent last week working on another armour set for players! They’re currently blocking out the major forms that comprise the design in order to establish shapes and proportions, and we’re already stoked to see how it’s coming along. Check out the ZBrush blockout, alongside its concept sketch:

Concept sketch
Initial ZBrush blockout

Environment Design

Another new event set piece was created last week. This one’s called Lucky Idol, and it will appear to players randomly as they traverse Erendorn. This particular event will grant you a rare blessing - but it’s not a common occurrence, so make the most of it when you can!

After the Lucky Idol set piece had been created, our Artist turned their attention to the candles that surround it. They made these candles appear more melted, with wax dripping down the sides and pooling at the bottom. It’s a small detail, but one that makes a huge difference:

Visual FX

Last week, our VFX Artist worked on new visuals for an Obsidian Portal asset. This was concepted a while ago by one of our Concept Artists - take a look:

Obsidian Portal concept

Next, they created a liquid plasma material that will be used in an upcoming event in the game. They also updated the effects for the Blood Altar asset (which you may remember us creating a few months ago), and reworked the fire torch that players will be able to use to light their paths:

Torch rework

Liquid plasma

Sound Design

The first thing our Sound Artist got up to last week was creating sounds for various enemies and beasts, including boars, rats, falcons, and even a Minotaur. Check out some samples:

'Fleshrender Boar' samples

'Black Rat' samples

'Magnificent Falcon' samples

Minotaur samples

Our Sound Artist then began working on sound effects for one of our dungeon portals! You may remember us showing you all the VFX that had been made for these recently, but if not, check out this devlog to jog your memory.

Back to sound effects, for the portals, our Sound Artist wanted to build some kind of pulsating sound that increases its tempo as you get closer to it. This would achieve the overall sense that these portals are powerful, living forms of magic.

To enhance this effect even more, our Sound Artist also made it so that when you’re close to a portal, the sounds become a bit fragmented. This makes it feel as though the portals are forcing a rip in space and time because of their power - and when you step through them, of course, you are being embraced by this fracture and transported to the perilous depths of the dungeons.

Take a listen (we’ve included an example of one of our portal variations to give you a better idea):

The portal from a distance

The portal up close

Entering the portal


With all entities now successfully using the new stats and items system that our Programmers made recently, and with our Ability Editor all pretty and easier to use, it was the abilities' turns to be remade into the new system!

Other than refactoring how the Absolute Damage stat works, and changing how multiplicative Damage scaling stacks, this was the entirety of our Programmers’ week - makes a nice change to the hectic time they’ve been having recently with creating the (now complete) Golang server.

Game Trailer

For the game trailer, last week was all about gathering footage for the gameplay portion, which we’re really excited to show you. This work involved our video production team analysing previously gathered footage to select the clips that would work best in the trailer.

To fill in any gaps in the sequence, we’re creating and recording specific scenarios, with particular attention being paid to showing off the environment, gameplay interactions, and the range of abilities in Depths of Erendorn. This will not only highlight the game’s capacity for team-play, but also give you a taste of everything the game has to offer.

That’s it for this week’s devlog - see you next Tuesday!


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