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January 1, 2024
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Hidden in the peripherals of Erendorn’s landscapes, eight Draconian races thrive. Catching a glimpse of this species can be somewhat rare, but if you do you had better be warned. Equipped with unparalleled physical prowess and a set of unique, deadly abilities, the Draconians of Erendorn are a half-human, half-dragon species who are shrouded in mystery.

Digital painting of humanoid dragon breathing fire onto a group of fantasy characters

The Draconian Race

Tough, near-impenetrable scales, shaped like arrowheads and as sturdy as chainmail. Gleaming black eyes that can bore through the most intense darkness. Sharp, pointed teeth that thin lips curl over. Smoking snouts, muscular frames and strong, powerful tails that can turn rocks into dust. These are just some of the characteristics of Draconians, a half-dragon species who prefer to live in isolation from the rest of Erendorn’s inhabitants.

Indeed, Draconians are an uncommon sighting in Erendorn. While they are not a shy species and possess inconceivable power, Draconians prefer to stay far removed from overpopulated regions, instead favouring a more primitive lifestyle away from the trivialities of budding civilisations.

However, there are some who have a more adventurous streak than others and this leads them to Erendorn's dungeon depths, where they can really test their strength against many of the creatures that teem in its treacherous tunnels. Red Draconians, the most common subspecies of this hybrid race, are often found travelling through the dungeons with several different creatures as they search for magical troves and powerful objects. This shows how some members of this race prioritise their desire to become increasingly powerful over their desire to live apart from other races.

Still, the majority of Draconians continue to live in the far corners of Erendorn where they are rarely interrupted. This has led to many myths about their kind evolving over the centuries and sweeping across Erendorn like wildfire.

Draconian Myths

Rumours about the Draconian kind have always travelled between settlements, spreading many falsities in their tall tales. Draconian legends are some of the most frequently told stories in Erendorn. But these constantly changing rumours have resulted in many people forgetting that these creatures are real life, deadly beasts, not just fantasy characters that only exist in the minds of strangers.

Corrupt Human Sorcerers

According to some legends, Draconians were once mighty sorcerers whose insatiable hubris and affinity with dark magic slowly began corrupting their minds, turning them into greedy spellcasters who knew too much to continue living as mere Humans.

And so, the story goes, these sorcerers delved so deep into dark magic that they lost themselves and their humanity to it, transforming into a half-dragon hybrid so that they could abandon their human weakness and rule the lands as omniscient beings. Others say that these sorcerers never transformed at all. Instead, they believe that they simply use illusionary magic to assume the form of a dragon when faced with opponents. Many believe that this group of sorcerers continue to live undetected in populated areas of Erendorn, waiting for their moment to devour straying groups or to steal a settlement’s treasure.

However, this myth could not be further from the truth. For Draconians, these tales are an affront to their reputation, making their existence seem illusory and fantastic. Although Draconians have been known to use some strange powers, it is in this species’ nature to be confrontational. They would much prefer their enemies to know - and feel - the full extent of their raw, unadulterated power rather than for them to be bemused by it or attribute it to the use of simple magic.

The Fall of Dragons

Long before the Old Times, it is said that Dragons were the only race of Erendorn. Ruling the lands, seas and skies, these great beasts teemed on every mountain, plain and in every forest. Since then, Dragons have not been sighted in Erendorn for many, many centuries. While some believe that they all simply vanished, repulsed by the ever-growing modernisation of Erendorn’s once empty landscape, others believe they continue to live in a secret place that only Dragons and Draconians can find.

Indeed, the legend continues that before the downfall of the Dragons, something was threatening their existence, something so huge that no modern mind could conceive of the horror that it brought upon Erendorn and its winged majesties. Fearing for their survival, it is said that the first, most ancient Dragon - from whence all others came - sought to preserve their race’s lineage by whatever means necessary.

Children in settlements across Erendorn all speak in hushed tones about how one night, the ancient Dragon crept between the trees that surrounded the Human city, staying there for many days as it looked for the most worthy vessel - and it eventually appeared to the Dragon in the form of a mighty and powerful Sorcerer. Under the cloak of night, the ancient Dragon cast a spell on this worthy suitor, transforming him into the very first Draconian so that, if the Dragon race was threatened again, they could live on in some way.

Mysterious Origins

Despite these myths and legends, the Draconians’ origin story is actually shrouded in mystery. Apart from members of the species itself, no one really knows for certain how these creatures came to exist - not even the intelligent Parakaws have it recorded in their Divine Library, and the Ancient Scrolls protected by the Watertargs mention nothing about the origins of Draconians. Whatever the myth, Draconians are well-known across Erendorn for their great powers and ruthless nature, despite the fact that they prefer to stay away from prying eyes.

Digital illustration of a group of fantasy characters opening a treasure chest in a dark dungeon
Red Draconians are the most common subspecies of the Draconian race. While the majority of them continue to live in isolation from the rest of Erendorn's creatures, many Red Draconians choose to wander through the dungeon depths in adventuring teams as they search for magical troves and powerful objects.

8 Draconian Races

Draconians may be a rare species to sight, but there are thousands upon thousands of these creatures in existence and they are all spread across eight different subspecies. All Draconian races are extremely proficient at melee combat and while none have wings, they each have extremely powerful abilities that are specific to their race. The type of ability a Draconian has is determined by their specific subspecies, and these are categorised by eight colour variants.

Yellow Draconians

Their scales gilt with amber flecks, Yellow Draconians possess incredible lightning breath. When they open their jaw, ready for the kill, small forks of electricity can be heard crackling in their throat before the perilous shot is delivered. Lightning bolts violently lurch from these creature’s mouths like desperate arms reaching for their prey. The lightning breath wielded by the Yellow Draconians is so powerful that not even the Storm Elves can withstand its effects.

Green Draconians

Green Draconians are guileful creatures whose sharp, reptilian eyes always seem to have a cunning evil about them. Perhaps it is because when this Draconian race open their mouths, no balls of fire or branches of lightning shoot out. In fact, at first it appears that nothing comes out at all - but the Green Draconians know that once their insidious poison finally manifests into a sickly glaucous cloud, it is already too late for their once-relieved victims. The poisonous breath that this subspecies exudes can bring the mercy of a fast kill or the agonising pain of a slow death, depending on what the Green Draconian decides on - so it is a relief to many in Erendorn that these creatures are not very common.

White Draconians

While many associate the Draconians with heat and fire, the White Draconians have dangerous frost breath that can freeze their opponents to death in less than a few seconds. The scales of a White Draconian are as colourless as bone until they step into the sun, which flecks their white bodies with chromatic, iridescent highlights. While they are perhaps the most alluring of their species, they are also the most difficult to spot because their white colouring means that they can hide from their prey perfectly in the snow capped mountains where they like to reside.

Azure Draconians

With scales as brilliant as a cloudless sky, the Azure Draconians are a dazzling subspecies whose unique water breath ability is used for healing purposes instead of causing damage. The purified water that these creatures can release has incredible healing capabilities, and the Azure Draconians use these in combat when they or an ally have sustained considerable damage. However, this doesn’t make them a docile race. Azure Draconians have excellent combat skills and their heavy, muscular frame makes them a fearsome enemy to oppose.

Pink Draconians

With petite, slender bodies and graceful tails, the Pink Draconians are the smallest subspecies and at first glance, do not appear as threatening as their hulking kin. But beware, for Pink Draconians have masterful control of arcane powers. Their arcane breath makes these creatures one of the most powerful of their species - even a Green Draconian should be careful around this deceptively innocent and mesmerising hybrid, because a Pink Draconian’s arcane breath is one of the most powerful forms of magic in Erendorn.

Brown Draconians

There are only two Draconian subspecies who do not possess any breath abilities and the Brown Draconians are one of them. These brazen creatures are true feats of physical brawn. They have large muscles that, when they move, seem to make their bronze scales undulate; a tall, heavyset frame supported by legs as sturdy as tree trunks; great black spikes running down their baneful tails, which look like spiked clubs. Brown Draconians can cause disastrous earthquakes, are extremely physical in their offence and are the greatest fighters of all the Draconian races.

Grey Draconians

The other subspecies that lacks any form of breath ability are the Grey Draconians, but don’t be fooled - these creatures still possess immense abilities that can tear settlements to shreds and consume an entire army in one fell swoop. Grey Draconians can summon tornados, pulling them from the sky like ribbons and controlling their path like maniacal puppeteers. With scales that look like they have been carved from stone, Grey Draconians are easily mistaken for statues and can also blend seamlessly into rocky terrains.

But the most common Draconian subspecies are the Red Draconians. This race resembles the dragon most closely with its deep red scales, sharp black claws and scorching fire control. Located in the volcanic region that surrounds Mount Vaznar, the Red Draconians like to live a primitive lifestyle - but that doesn’t mean they are not a threat.

Digital concept painting of a spewing volcano, the main settlement of the Red Draconians
Red Draconians are the most common subspecies of the Draconians. They have immense fire breathing abilities and live in the volcanic region behind Mount Vaznar.

Red Draconians

Behind the great shadow cast by Mount Vaznar, on the side of a grumbling volcano patterned with streams of lava, Red Draconians live in the small caves that their own hands carved into the blistering rock. With their blazing red scales that look hot to the touch and their cold, unfeeling eyes that glint menacingly through the black smoke that swallows their main settlement, Red Draconians are an intimidating race feared for their fire casting abilities, solid muscles and proficiency in combat.

Fire Breathing Ability

Unlike other Draconian races, Red Draconians have the ability to breathe fire that is so powerful, it can melt the skin from bones in a matter of seconds. This is why they chose their settlement to be close to spewing lava; Red Draconians are almost entirely immune to these otherwise uninhabitable conditions, and being at close proximity to these fiery pits is comforting to them.

Even so, the fire that these creatures can unleash in no way matches the intensity of fully fledged Dragons; and, while their fiery breath is enough to grievously harm their opponents, the Red Draconians, like all of their species, prefer to live a primitive lifestyle away from the interference curious or malicious strangers.

Primitive Lifestyle

All Draconians prefer to live as simply as possible and as far away from prying civilisations as possible, but the Red Draconians have truly mastered this isolation. Under the leadership of the mighty Gorax, Red Draconians live as one with the volcanos. No infrastructure supports their growing settlement other than rudimentary wooden scaffolds and with their own bare hands, they themselves excavate new caves when needed.

Everything the Red Draconians do is driven by instinct. They hunt when they’re hungry, mate when they need to grow the race and fearlessly protect their territory when opposed by external threats. They are almost animalistic in their intents - but there is one emotion greater than their desire to remain as primal beings: hubris.

Driven by their need to prove how powerful and unstoppable they are, the famed Draconian hubris has led many of this subspecies into Erendorn’s dungeon depths. In these formidable labyrinthes, many Red Draconians have abandoned their life of primal living in favour of a life of adventure, where they can really test their limitations and prove to all who oppose them just how powerful they really are.


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