Earthen Dwarves

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January 9, 2019
November 18, 2021

The Secret World of Earthen Dwarves

One of the most secretive races in all of Erendorn is hidden by something very ordinary: a large, unremarkable stone. Although this stone blends in with the surrounding land, it actually disguises the entrance to an ancient civilisation; for, deep beneath the layers of sod and rock, Earthen Dwarves occupy the labyrinthine tunnels of an underground world.  

An introverted and stoic race of miners, the Earthen Dwarves spend their days mining the walls for minerals and resources, hammering them into various items that some will go on to sell as merchants. But mining underground has its risks, and there have been several times when they have accidentally tunnelled into dangerous beasts and had to fight them away. The extensiveness of their civilisation beneath the surface also means that they once excavated a wall that separated their world from one of the treacherous dungeons of Erendorn. The breach was quickly sealed off and the winding tunnel that led to it was completely shut down.

Hierarchy of the Dwarves

The Earthen Dwarves are protected by a fearless army that guards the mines and inner city, and they are led by the venerable King Ramthor. While the King rules over the Earthen Dwarves, it is his daughter, the manipulative Lady Heidi, who spearheads the political affairs. She is a cunning and conniving individual who frequently influences people and situations so that they bring her personal gain. While this trait makes Lady Heidi excellent at her job, it also makes her indifferent to many of the Earthen Dwarves that serve under her father.  

Lord Dunrow, the King’s son and Head of the Miner’s Guild, does not share his sister’s manipulation skills. In fact, he is her easiest target. Lady Heidi influences her brother the way a puppeteer controls its marionettes, and the rest of the Earthen Dwarves consider this a sign that Lord Dunrow possesses little intelligence. Many are not able to fathom why the King is so blind to his children's failings, but those loyal to him attribute his ignorance to his kind nature and desire to keep the peace among his subjects.

Strength and Power

The Earthen Dwarves’ complex network of twisting tunnels and deep caves echoes with the sharp, rapid clink of iron tools and glows with the warm light of flickering torches. Often, the walls crawl with their small shadows that curve towards the ceilings like giants – but never underestimate the little guys. With muscles as strong as the stone they mine and hands as heavy as anvils, these Earthen Dwarves are skilled in combat and possess great powers that utilise magnetic, gravitational energy.

While many become merchants and miners, the Earthen Dwarves who show great promise are recruited by King Ramthor himself to serve as guards, soldiers and even explorers. Channelling their appetite for adventure, this elite class of Earthen Dwarves seek out new lands in the name of the King, exploring the world above and discovering magical troves. But their fearless nature and knowledge of underground systems make this race drawn towards some of the most formidable places in Erendorn: the deepest depths of the dungeons.  

Digital painting of Earthen Dwarf settlement from Depths of Erendorn

Earthen Dwarves are more than just miners, merchants and underground cave dwellers. They are a race of fierce intelligence, innate strength and mysterious powers. As strong-minded as the very rocks that shape their secret kingdom, Earthen Dwarves are not afraid to explore the Depths of Erendorn.


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