February Devlog | Week #2 | No. 263

February 15, 2024
March 5, 2024

In a week marked by decent progress, Depths of Erendorn's 3D Modelling team completed the texturing for both variations of the Centaur base—Veloxian and Icegrip. Simultaneously, the Client Team focused on finalising the Dry Logs system, resolving bugs and laying the groundwork for an interactive world map. The Server Team addressed crashes in open-world adventures, optimised event spawning, and worked on remapping the game world, highlighting their dedication to performance. The Sound Team crafted new audio for level 2 abilities, aligning with the development of a new levelling system. Lastly, the Animation Team made substantial progress on the Centaur, addressing skin weight issues and initiating the basic animation set, emphasising authenticity and visual impact. As always, join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit for daily updates on Depths of Erendorn. Alternatively, join our Discord for all the latest! - now let’s get into it!

3D Modelling

In a significant milestone, the 3D Modelling team at Depths of Erendorn completed the texturing for both variations of the Centaur base, namely Veloxian and Icegrip. These variations boast distinct and striking colour palettes that will seamlessly integrate them into their respective habitats. With the texturing phase accomplished, these models are now ready to be passed on to the Animation team, marking an exciting step forward in bringing these fantasy creatures to life within the game. Examples of the work completed by the team throughout the week can be seen below.

Veloxian Centuar textures completed

Icegrip Centaur textures completed



Throughout this week, the client team at Depths of Erendorn has been dedicated to finalising the implementation of the Dry Logs system. Similar to the previous week, the team tackled the remaining bugs, initiating a cascade of smaller issues that were systematically addressed. Adjustments were made to how certain log types, particularly those related to movement and status effects, are created. The focus extended to resolving tangled connections causing the generation of incorrect log types. Concurrently, efforts were directed towards resolving issues with log entries, enabling their copy and reordering functionalities. Additionally, the team laid the groundwork for an interactive world map, aiming to enhance the overall player experience. They worked on upgrading the appearance and structure of inventories while also implementing a new method for seamless switching between sessions. These collective endeavours reflect the team's commitment to refining and optimising crucial features for an improved gaming experience in Depths of Erendorn. Additional work completed by the client-side team can be seen below.

  • Explored methods for implementing a world map with consideration for object, quest and NPC tracking.
  • Fixed interactable log processing.
  • Fixed spawned asset log processing.
  • Fixed auto-mapping tool.
  • Refactored chunk data loading to fix failing to load chunks.
  • Added LerpToPosition camera function.
  • Created 'Chunk Explorer' widget to assist mapping.
  • Fixed chunks being loaded and destroyed opening up the development editor.
  • Worked to update the Backpack Widget, a UI panel that is used to display inventories wherever they appear, to handle multiple or single containers visually.
  • Removed the reliance on ZoneID when using Fast Travel to leave the Settlement, we no longer have use for ZoneID because of the recent changes to world mapping.
  • Added 'Containers' to character's inventories in line with server changes. Players now have two Containers;

               - Active Inventory - Holding anything the character has on their person.

               - Stash - Holding items belonging to a character stored and accessible only in Settlements.


During this week, the server team at Depths of Erendorn was engaged in substantial efforts to re-optimise open-world adventures, addressing various new crashes arising from the transition to three dimensions and a new coordinate system. A significant focus was placed on refining how the server spawns events and enemies, aiming to reduce server load. The team also dedicated time to bug-crushing, resolving issues with enemy spawning and implementing a new method for world event spawning. Notably, world events now dynamically spawn as players explore, offering a framework for dynamically linked events. This involved both client and server-side changes to support real-time event spawning. Additionally, the team invested in remapping the large game world using the now-fixed mapping tool, showcasing the potential for a seamless and expansive map. Attention was given to nav edits, addressing bugs related to the refactor, with ongoing efforts to bring them back into a functional state. The remaining time was allocated to fixing combat and its triggers, a complex task touching many systems changed since the internal milestone build, marking significant progress toward restoring the game to a playable state. Additional work completed by the team can be seen below.

  • Fast travel network details updated to fix ending adventures.
  • Zone importing fixed.
  • Zone data updated.
  • New nav data imported to the server code.
  • GetCoordAtRadius updated to work with our new data.

Sound Design

Following an extensive recording session with winter's ice last week, the Sound Team at Depths of Erendorn delved into the creative process. Amidst the excitement of exploring numerous recordings, the team dedicated time to craft new audio for level 2 abilities. The sounds for abilities such as Hardened Will, Rescue, Inspire, Extra Energy, Provoke, and Mass Provoke have been meticulously created. These additions mark a significant step forward as the team integrates them into the pipeline, aligning with the development of a new levelling system for adventurers in Depths of Erendorn. Examples of the work completed by the team can be seen below.


In the ongoing development of the Centaur, the Animation Team at Depths of Erendorn made substantial progress over the last week. They addressed skin weight issues, ensuring a seamless and lifelike appearance for the creature. Additionally, the team commenced work on the basic animation set, laying the foundation for dynamic movements. Their efforts included adjustments and testing of the sound effects for the "Rescue" ability, aligning the auditory experience with the animation concept. The meticulous work extended to fine-tuning the length of animations, aiming for a cohesive and engaging result. These accomplishments reflect the team's dedication to bringing the Centaur to life with authenticity and visual impact. Examples of their work throughout the week can be explored below.

Centaur animations progress

That’s it for this week’s devlog, but have you seen our monthly roundup of January yet?! 


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