Monthly Devlog | November 2021 | No. 34

December 8, 2021
February 21, 2022

Highlights from last month include: Unreal Engine 5 work intensified as our Environment Artist tested new systems and techniques for the game. This has lead to some exciting achievements, which we'll share blow. Our latest cosmetic armour piece took shape and was completed, ready to be implemented in game. Finally, our Golang server was brought online, meaning many bugs were squished. As always, join us on Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit for daily updates on Depths of Erendorn - now let’s get into it!

3D Modelling

Last month our 3D Modeller finished off our latest armour concept, before moving onto the next. The final stages of our most recent step saw the team develop new textures, specifically for this model. However, these can now be used on many different models in the future where necessary. A big part of developing a game from scratch is the creation of original and unique assets. Which are then available for use throughout the game and even onto future products.

Finished model

The team then moved onto the next of our cosmetic armour sets. Beginning once again with initial sculpts based on the concept art. This procedure will be replicated many times over the course of the games development, but is necessary to ensure we deliver a game with content that we're proud of.

Initial concept
Initial sculpt
Progress sculpt

Environment Art

The Environment team has had a busy month, testing the features of Unreal Engine 5 to ensure their function and compatibility with our game. We've made a lot of progress with this and have even tested out some of the highlighted features in the original tech demo for the software - Lumen. Work will continue over the coming months before a full upgrade to UE5 is completed.

Testing Megascans and Nanite
Testing Lumen

Set Piece Design

Our Junior Environment Artist continued their work on some of the set dressing objects last month. If you remember, we previously shared some cages, camps and gallows. These were finished off with the completion of a stretching rack and stockade.

They then moved on to adding more variety to how certain props are decorated. Small additions like blood stains, footprints or tools scattered on the floor, can all paint a picture of what happened at a certain location. As we mentioned in the devlog they featured in, allowing a scene to tell a story is so important in a fantasy game.


The Programming team continued their work on the new Golang server last month, bringing it online and loading up the very first dungeons. This was a big achievement for the team and is the beginning of a much larger project. What followed was a whole host of bug fixing, increasing stability and implementing systems that we want to feature in the game - simultaneous turns, smarter AI, accurate procedural generation, etc.

Work continued for the wider Programming team too, focusing on the client itself. Some major milestones include:

  • Projectile Submanager - Before the switch to Golang, projectiles created as a result of abilities like fireball did not take the time spent travelling into account. Therefore, all projectiles were treated as hitting the instant they left the caster's hand regardless of distance. As of the Golang switch, projectile flight speed and distances are simulated and sent to the client to give us a much more accurate picture of what is happening. A Projectile Submanager has been created to handle the creation, animation and timings for projectiles fired during combat.
  • Ability Targets - Abilities have had a lot of attention this month and players are now able to target and cast abilities that take different target types. Abilities that require entities, tiles, directions, a whole room and any combination as their targets are now castable in-game.
  • Server-Client Validation - Added the ability for the Client to ensure the logs being used are in the correct order and request an updated log history in the event they aren't. This means that the Client is able to avoid performing actions out of the order.
  • Stats - The parsing and storing of character stats has been updated to take the new data structure we use to communicate them. Base Stats and Current Stats are now correctly processed including a number of new stat types regarding Resistances, Armour and Damage Reduction.
  • Abilities - Ability information is now being parsed correctly and Ability Controllers (the classes used to select targets and perform all types of abilities) have been updated to function within the Session/Combat structure and now allows players to cast abilities once again.


As always, our Animation team has been incredibly busy. With hundreds of enemies, over a dozen playable character classes and a whole host of NPCs/items to animate, our animation wizards have plenty to get on with as we head closer towards the new year! This month they worked on several models, which included:

RockBark Sapling
Vampire Bat
Blue Melmee

Sound Design

Our Sound Designer has had a busy month indeed! The majority of their work has been on the new trailer the team has been creating (which is now complete!). In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing new details about this and allowing everyone to take a look at what we've been up to, what the game is looking like, and get a first glimpse at combat! We're incredibly excited to share more, and that time has almost come.

Aside from this, the team worked on a host of ambient sounds, focusing on the chapels and woodlands of Erendorn. They also looked at breathing life into our Dark Skyhound, Acid Ant and more recently the Vampire Bat. Check out some of these below:

Woodland 1

Woodland 2

Chapel 1

Chapel 2

Dark Skyhound

That’s it for this month’s devlog roundup - check out this months first Devlog here!


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