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January 1, 2024
June 19, 2024
Digital painting of Ogres destroying a camp

Throughout Erendorn, Ogres roam the lands haphazardly as they search for villages to raid and races to pillage. Operating in clans, they are scattered across the scapes of Erendorn, from the viridescent foothills to the sun-scorched deserts. These creatures aren’t your usual pests - but Ogres are not as invincible as they may seem.

The Ogres of Erendorn

Ogres are the menaces of Erendorn. With skin as thick as hide and muscles as solid as boulders, they are over nine feet of pure brawn. These creatures are highly territorial and easily angered, getting into more skirmishes with each other than they do with enemies. Strength and endurance are valued above all else by this race, but their desire for material objects is what really drives their actions.

Greed is an insatiable hunger for Ogres, who constantly lust for what others have despite not always knowing what the item even is. Their avarice is what motivates their depredation. An Ogre clan will maraud across Erendorn until they have found villages to plunder; and while their heavy-footed charge gives their presence away, causing the ground to convulse in violent tremors, this sometimes does not come quickly enough to warn the village inhabitants that they will soon be under attack.

The unparalleled strength of an Ogre is enough to bring large wooden huts crumbling down with just one swing of a spiked club, and when a clan is out on one of their rampages, smaller settlements can be destroyed in a matter of minutes. The damage and ruin these creatures inflict is colossal and many races live in constant fear of an Ogre invasion.

Their Greatest Downfall

But this isn’t to say that Ogres are indomitable. The Ogres of Erendorn are as dull-witted as they are strong. While they can withstand inordinate amounts of pain and are incredibly difficult to bring down, their slapdash strategies and overwhelming greed are their greatest downfalls.

The uncontrollable appetite Ogres have for pointless material goods eclipses their judgement entirely. A single clan is often driven by their greed to conquer several villages after a successful raid. But this overreaching mentality causes the clan to become weaker as they begin to spread themselves thinly between the different settlements.

As they attempt to keep control of all of the villages whilst getting easily distracted by the various spoils of their pillage, they leave themselves vulnerable to more organised races that quickly come to quell the Ogres’ reign of destruction. In fact, many races who are much weaker have easily been able to pick apart a clan of Ogres by using tact over brawn. But that won’t stop these pests from trying again the next day.

Mammoth Wrestling

When Ogres aren’t pillaging villages or fighting among themselves, they are usually seen indulging in one of two forms of entertainment. The first is drinking. Ogres are heavy drinkers, stashing away enormous amounts of alcohol that they steal from various settlements. Ogres often drink throughout the day but especially at night, sometimes getting into violent disagreements and always causing some form of chaos.

Their second form of entertainment is also one of their oldest traditions: Mammoth Wrestling. Being able to withstand the charge of a Mammoth over a long period of time is highly respected in Ogre culture. Occasionally, Ogres go out to capture Woolly Mammoths for their wrestling tournaments. Generally speaking, the larger the clan, the larger their horde of Mammoths. During camp, after a long day of pillaging, Ogres can almost always be seen upholding their sacred tradition of Mammoth Wrestling well into the night.

Digital painting of a fantastical Woolly Mammoth, which Ogres wrestle
Mammoth Wrestling is a long-standing tradition among the Ogres of Erendorn. Being able to withstand the force of this creature is revered among every Ogre clan.

The Largest Clan

There is one clan that doesn’t succumb to the unquenchable thirst of their heavy greed. This clan is not only the largest one in Erendorn, but also the longest standing one. It is lead by Rockfist, an experienced Ogre who has seen the true path that greed carves out for his kind.


Rockfist is the largest Ogre in Erendorn. Standing at 16 feet tall, he towers over the other Ogres like an ominous cliff. Rockfist is also one of the oldest, most experienced Ogres. He is more intelligent than the rest of his pig-headed race and his knowledge of Erendorn is vast from his many years spent roaming through various terrains in various clans. Rockfist is extremely wide, like a slab of stone, and his experience is also shown by the hundreds of deeply entrenched scars that cover his dark, thick-set skin.

Rockfist has fought many battles and wrestled with many mammoths in his time, and he wears his scars proudly. Other Ogres revere Rockfist for his deep battle wounds because they are symbols of their culture’s two most important ideological pillars: strength and endurance. Therefore, Rockfist’s enormous stature and heavy scarring positions him as one of the toughest, most resilient Ogres to ever roam Erendorn.

Rockfist's Camp

Rockfist’s camp is the main settlement for Ogres. Located in the grassy plains of Erendorn, it is protected from view by the sloping hills that hide the surrounding valleys. The endlessly stretching fields of lush grass and peeking rocks is large enough to home the hundreds of Ogres that live there while providing them with the optimal conditions to thrive under.

Rockfist’s camp is covered in dozens upon dozens of large tents that have been constructed from stolen materials and put together in a functional yet haphazard way. This clan continues to grow steadily because unlike other clan leaders, Rockfist knows the dangers of their race’s overzealous greed after witnessing it destroy many Ogre clans in the past.

As a result of Rockfist’s leadership, the Ogres of his camp raid villages in a more strategic manner and they are forbidden from lingering around for too long. Instead, the clan bring their spoils back to the camp where they argue tremendously over random objects, from pots and pans to chairs and doors. Their restraint has established the Rockfist Clan as a formidable group to face. With hundreds of nine foot Ogres as strong as mountains, and a careful strategy enforced by their leader, no race has ever managed to defeat this infamous clan.

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