October Devlog | Week #1 | No. 148

October 5, 2021
January 13, 2022

This week the team have been working on a new mountainous region, updates to the character creation tool and we began animating our Ghoul model! As always, join us on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit for daily updates on Depths of Erendorn - now let’s get into it!


This week the environment team began work on the mountainous region of Erendorn. They added a new terrain, had discussions regarding a redesign of how the landscape should work, with a redesign of 'zone one' to follow. Finally, they conducted research into landscape needs for Erendorn and the technical requirements.


It's been a busy one for the programming team this week! An array of features were tweaked and updated, as we begin looking at accounts and characters. We began to switch over combat fundamentals within the client, which are the controllers/managers for the various mechanics. It now needs adjusting and moving into a seperate class to enable us to have multiple combats happening at the same time within a session. We also fixed both server and client side compression when exchanging messages.

GoLang Server

The GoLang team continued to update the Client's communication with the new server, with a focus on updating how character information is requested and received. They also:

  • Updated how character creation information is processed and sent. New characters can now be created.
  • Updated how account character information is communicated. Account characters can now be viewed and chosen at login.
  • We fixed an issue caused by differences between compression methods used by the Server and the Client.

Additionally, this week we started the process of upgrading our test client which we use to automate the testing of our new code into a modular system. This will make it capable of testing more than one aspect of our server. The first version was created to simulate the process of the player logging in, spawning a dungeon and having the test client work through the dungeon as a player would. This allowed us to extensively test our new server code whilst the client wasn't in a position to be integrated with our new server. The new version is being designed so that tests can be turned on and off and new features can be integrated, one of which being the ability for multiple test clients to be able to work together and act as a party so we can better test our code going forward. Progress on this feature set is only just beginning but the foundations are coming together to form something we should be able to work with to test our code and features into the future.


This week we created animations for our Ghoul model. They were cleaned up and exported into the engine, before moving onto some missing animations for our bird models.


Idle, Walk, Attacks, Hit Reaction, Death

3D Modelling

This week the 3D modelling team finished texturing the armour we've shown off in recent weeks. They then created the colour customisation mask, based on our concept artists specifications. Finally, they began work on the next armour set!

That’s it for this week’s devlog, but have you seen our monthly roundup of August yet?!


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