November Devlog | Week #2 | No. 154

November 16, 2021
December 8, 2021

This week our teams have been hard at work on several assets for the game. The Animation team brought our Vampire Bat to life, our new armour set enters the final stages and the stretching rack & stockade are added to the game. As always, join us on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit for daily updates on Depths of Erendorn - now let’s get into it!

Set Piece Design

This week our Junior Environment Artist completed two additional assets - the stockade and stretching rack. Much like last weeks gallows and cages, these will feature heavily in towns and cities where the residents are subject to punishment, not to mention the many events you'll experience out in the world of Erendorn. They also made some fixes to collision settings in other assets.

3D Modelling

Our 3D modeller began the final steps for the recent new armour set we've been sharing. Following on from last week, the armour was retopologised, wrapped and then baked. The next step is to create fur meshes for the armour - this will go on things like the cloak and be used for accents across the model.


This week has been about updating the Dungeon game loop so we are able to interact with Combat. Stats, Gameplay UI and Abilities have seen big system changes in line with the updates set out in the new GoLang Server.

  • Stats - The parsing and storing of character stats has been updated to take the new data structure we use to communicate them. Base Stats and Current Stats are now correctly processed including a number of new stat types regarding Resistances, Armour and Damage Reduction.
  • Gameplay UI - Major aspects of the Gameplay UI have been updated to correspond with the new Session/Combat structure developed over last month. Overhead Health Bars, Team Portrait Displays, The Ability Bar, The Turn Display and many other Widgets used in the Gameplay UI have been upgraded and now function properly.
  • Abilities - Ability information is now being parsed correctly and Ability Controllers (the classes used to select targets and perform all types of abilities) have been updated to function within the Session/Combat structure and now allows players to cast abilities once again.

We also:

  • Re-enabled a basic version of movement in the game
  • Implemented basic attacks
  • Fixed server crashes related to stats being changed by abilities
  • Adjusted the order of some logs so the client can better make use of them


This week, the Golang team have finished off bug fixing the new modular testclient, and other than a couple of minor glitches, everything is working as intended. Now we have the ability to turn on and off different portions of the testclient, such as no longer having it make a new character, or not have it use any abilities etc.

Environment Art

The Environment Art team have continued their work in Unreal Engine 5 this week, progressing through tasks like:

  • Further optimising the landscape material (drastically reducing number of Texture samplers).
  • Adding support for Runtime Virtual Textures.
  • Making some changes to the map in World Machine and output texture masks for Snow/Flow/Sand.


This week the Animation team turned their attention to the Vampire Bat model. Getting it up in the air, reacting to damage and falling from the sky. The next model on their radar is the Droval! This weeks work included:

  • Reviewed the rig and binded mesh to it.
  • Created animations: fly idle, fly walk, attack, hit reaction and death.
  • Cleaned and exported all of the animations for engine, before importing them.


  • Started to work on Droval animation set.

That’s it for this week’s devlog, but have you seen our monthly roundup of October yet?!


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