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January 1, 2024
June 19, 2024

Where the rainwashed plains sprawl beneath portending mountains do fierce Wolvajins go ravening to and fro. But these wilds are perilous - and though their leader reigns with ruthlessness, the Wolvajins must go to extreme lengths to secure their place atop the food chain.

Digital painting of the Wolvajins from Depths of Erendorn

Characteristics of Wolvajins

Some creatures in Erendorn do not rely on spellcasting prowess or incredible strength. Some instead survive by their guile, precision and speed; and of all those who possess such traits, few wield them as proficiently as the Wolvajins. Tall, lean creatures with padded paws to make them silent and dark fur to help them disappear into the night, Wolvajins are feared for the way in which they stalk their victims. Travelling in packs, these creatures prefer to hunt under the veil of the moon, when there are less predators to contend with and when their victims are most unaware.

Indeed, many fearsome tales about Wolvajins have creeped through the walls of surrounding settlements. Adventurers have described with detail the hungry look in their predator’s eyes as they ripped apart a fellow comrade; merchants would tremble as they recounted being frequently attacked by Wolvajins whilst travelling across the plains; and those who have been brave enough to venture into the dungeon depths all bear blood, toil and scars as testaments to how savage the Wolvajins can be even when away from their territory.

But while the howl of a Wolvajin pack strikes fear into the hearts of countless civilians, they are only menaces compared to the fierce races that populate this region of Erendorn. In a land so deadly as this, holding your place atop the food chain is a near impossible and almost fatal ambition; and though their claws are sharpened and their teeth are bared, the Wolvajins know their place amid this melting pot of powerful races.

The Plains

While the wonders of Erendorn come in the form of grand mountain ranges, enchanted forests and gilded deserts, it is in fact the plains that take up the majority of its land mass. But this region is not as ordinary as it may appear. From Ogres to Mantisars, it hosts hundreds of species, each thriving in one of the many types of terrain that the plains support.

Though the plains may at first seem safer to venture through than much of the surrounding regions, they are actually incredibly perilous. Stretching across the mainland, they are bordered by creatures of extreme power and impeccable strength - and these creatures are always looking for things to eat and supplies to raid. Travelling through them with temptatious wares, merchants are particularly vulnerable in this region, as are novice travellers and naive adventurers. But while they are seen as one of the fierce beasts of the plains, Wolvajins also suffer in this region.

Wolvajins in the Plains

The Wolvajin territory is beset by powerful foes. To the North, on the peripherals of the Land of the Dead, live the odious Vemm, evil and maniacal wizards who revel in tormenting anything that comes close to them. Meanwhile, Twilight Elves occupy the land South of the Wolvajins. Attuned to the Void and home to the Guild of Assassins, Wolvajins do not often risk venturing to their territory unless absolutely necessary.

In the Westward mountains, perched atop rocky peaks that overlook the plains beneath, Daggerclaw Harpies watch the land with piercing eyes. Equipped with razor-edged talons and incredible speed, these winged creatures have been known to prey upon Wolvajins before, picking off weaker members of packs whilst they run in the open plains.

Completing this superfecta of enemies, lying to the East of the Wolvajin territory is The Deep. Wide and yawning across hundreds of miles, this great lake has many creatures of unthinkable power teeming beneath its surface, some so enormous and fearsome that they inspire reverential fear in even the most formidable of enemies. With the Twilight Elves blocking them in from the South, the Wolvajins’ only way of avoiding The Deep is to travel to the North-East of the plains. Even then, powerful Storm Elves rule this region; and if they do not decide to harm a pack of Wolvajins with their lightning magic, the unrelenting thunderstorms that char this area of the plains certainly will.

Lifestyle in the Plains

Living in a terrain such as this makes it impossible for the Wolvajins to establish themselves as a truly formidable race. While they terrorise civilians, merchants and travellers, the full potential of their ruthless ferity is limited by the number of powerful foes that encircle them. In order to survive, Wolvajins must rely on their cunning. Prowling through the night in their scattered packs, they prey upon unsuspecting victims, devouring their meat and scavenging their supplies. But for all their guile, Wolvajins do possess one ability that sends them into a wild, uncontrollable frenzy: the ability to smell blood from miles away.

When Wolvajins smell blood, it is as though they become overwhelmed with an insatiable need to find the source and devour it. Possessed by an undeniable bloodlust, Wolvajins will not stop until they have found and killed their target. Weary travellers and wounded adventurers are the most common victims of the Wolvajins. Some leave trails of blood as they flee from a previous attack, desperately limping across the plains in search of refuge. Others bear no more than a papercut on their finger or a spec of blood on their sleeve - the amount makes no difference. No matter how little blood there is, a Wolvajin’s sense of smell is so keen that there are few wounded travellers who have ever left their territory alive.

Though primarily found in the Eastward reaches of the plains, Wolvajins live in separate packs, each led by the most powerful and savage of their kind. While fighting between packs does occur, this is not regular, especially given the precarious state that the Wolvajins now find themselves in. But there is still a beacon of hope for this race, still a way in which they believe they can become the ruling race of Erendorn - and Skarkal, the leader of the largest Wolvajin pack, believes he knows what it is.

3D model of one of the Wolvajins from Depths of Erendorn
Wolvajins appear as enemies in our upcoming strategy game. They are fierce opponents that you will have to be ready for, especially since they can smell your blood from miles away...

Wolvajins in the Depths

The most vicious, most notorious pack of Wolvajins is led by Skarkal, the fastest of the race who is recognised by his albino fur. Holding the majority of numbers, this pack is a lethal force that has tormented the surrounding settlements for countless years; and the more success they have, the more Wolvajins seek to join.

With Skarkal planning their every strategy and leading them with an unmatched ferocity, it is no wonder why his pack has made a name for itself. But Skarkal has bigger ambitions than the Wolvajins simply becoming the most feared predators of the Eastward plains. Over the years, his ears have pricked at the stories told by travellers crossing the plains. As Skarkal would crouch in the night’s shade, his pack lurking in the stills behind him, waiting for their targets to wear, he would hear of the powerful objects that lay in the dungeon depths - of the valuable troves and magical items, as well as the fearsome beasts they would have to fight if they wanted to retrieve them.

With the plains becoming evermore perilous, and the amount of competition increasing by the day, Skarkal knew that the depths of Erendorn were the only chance of salvation for the Wolvajins. Over the years, this fiercely committed leader has sent more and more Wolvajins into the dungeon depths, ordering them to scour the notorious tunnels for anything that could give them an advantage.

While Skarkal knows not what it is they seek, he knows that the depths are the Wolvajins’ only chance of ousting their opponents from the plains and becoming the most feared race in Erendorn.


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