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January 1, 2024
June 19, 2024
Digital painting of Frost Dwarves cooking over open fire on mountain

The Life of Frost Dwarves

In the arctic region of Erendorn, a large stone castle sits on a mountainside. Unrefined slabs of granite have been assembled to create the sturdy walls of this castle, which sits like a heavyset giant and watches over the scattering of wooden huts that descend down the snow-capped slopes. Frost Dwarves live in this settlement, a gritty race native to the cold climates of Erendorn. Staying warm is imperative to the survival of this species, which is why they wear heavy coats made from the skins of Glacial Boars and lined with thick tufts of fur.

Hardened by the bitter winds that shake their icy home, the Frost Dwarves are a resilient and adventurous race. From hunting trips to discovering new objects, this species relishes an escapade, whether they’re in the unfamiliar territory of a new landscape or even the notorious depths below.

While civilians weave between their humble huts, the Frost Dwarf merchants travel to marketplaces to earn gold for their displays of valuable minerals and thick cuts of hide. As with any other merchant in Erendorn, Frost Dwarves are sometimes accompanied by Stone Golems as they travel across the lands and into different settlements.

Glacial Boars

The beasts of Erendorn are some of the most diverse and unique creatures in the land; but the beasts of the arctic region are a tough and hardy collection. Among the Woolly Mammoths, Arctic Howlers and Ice Huskies, Glacial Boars roam through the snowy scapes in large numbers.

Glacial Boars are large, hulking creatures who are respected by the Frost Dwarves for their resilience. In fact, the Glacial Boar is integral to the survival of the Frost Dwarves, who use these beasts for defence, hunting and companionship. Glacial Boars are also an important food source for the Frost Dwarves, and their thick hides of fur are used for warmth. While a large proportion of these creatures have been domesticated, they can only be tamed by a Frost Dwarf who is an expert in their behaviour.

Glacial Boar Handlers

Glacial Boar Handlers are a selection of Frost Dwarves who have been trained to tame and domesticate the Glacial Boar. Handlers are in charge of every facet concerning these beasts because although they have generally accepted domestication, Glacial Boars can still be very temperamental and dangerous creatures.

For this reason, Handlers will spearhead hunting missions to ensure that the riders and accompanying group are protected. Handlers are skilled in understanding the behaviour patterns of the Glacial Boar and are, therefore, able to dictate how and when one should be used. But there is one type of Glacial Boar that not even the Handlers are allowed to take charge of.

Giant Glacial Boars

A recent expedition conducted by the Frost Dwarves led them to discover a new creature lumbering through the icy landscape. Giant Glacial Boars are irrepressible, formidable beasts and some of the heaviest land animals in the arctic region’s Northwestern scope.

While their brown hides are very thick, they appear to be stretched like drum skin over their bulking frame, revealing the sharp edges of solid muscles that can be seen working beneath the surface. This is a testament to the sheer strength and power of these creatures - but Giant Glacial Boars are not quite as docile as their smaller brethren.

Although large and muscular, Giant Glacial Boars can move swiftly and run up to 25 miles per hour. Their isolation in the arctic region also means that these creatures are not used to other species crossing their paths. With these two characteristics combined, Giant Glacial Boars can be very territorial and incredibly aggressive.

But there is one thing that these creatures have in common with the Frost Dwarves. The expedition team noted that the Giant Glacial Boar appeared to be in constant battle with the Icegrip Centaurs, a psychotic race of torturers native to the Ice Plains who are also a common enemy for the Frost Dwarves.

Master Wranglers

The ferociousness and unpredictability of the Giant Glacial Boars means that there is only one rank of Frost Dwarf that is allowed to handle these beasts: Master Wranglers, who are unparalleled in their experience of handling Boars.

Master Wranglers understand how to deal with the temperamentality and viciousness of these glacial beasts without incurring much injury or damage. Without expertise in this field, a Giant Glacial Boar could cause a lot of destruction within the camps and settlements if an untrained Handler were to try to pacify one of these great beasts.

Therefore, Master Wranglers are esteemed members of the community as they not only integrate the Giant Glacial Boar into their customs, they also protect everyone from the creatures’ unpredictable wrath.

Digital painting of a large ice cave
The arctic region of Erendorn is home to some extraordinarily resilient creatures. From the Glacial Boars and Woolly Mammoths to the Arctic Howlers and Icegrip Centaurs, these scapes are not for the weak-willed.

King Bemthale

It is the leader of the Frost Dwarves, King Bemthale, who resides in the castle on the mountain. A reverent king who possesses great knowledge about Erendorn’s arctic landscape, Bemthale has led the Frost Dwarves through some of the hardest winters and deadliest attacks. Being the first to suggest utilising the Glacial Boar many, many moons ago, he is one of the reasons why the Frost Dwarves have managed to thrive in an otherwise perilous environment.

The Frost Dwarves’ Guard

King Bemthale also leads the Frost Dwarves’ Guard, which protects the settlement and its inhabitants from outside threats. The hierarchy of this structure was invented by Bemthale so that the most proficient guards are directly outside his castle at the top of the mountain cliff.

Therefore, the higher a guard is on the mountain, the better fighter they are; and those outside of King Bemthale’s quarters are the best of the best. Meanwhile, lower ranked guards are positioned at the very base of the mountain and are the first line of defence.

Concerns over Successors

Although an eminent leader, King Bemthale is old and without an heir. Growing unrest infects the population as whispers of a civil war travel between the wooden huts. Without a daughter or son, the Frost Dwarves fear that King Bemthale’s death will cause a violent outbreak in the civilisation as every soldier, merchant and wrangler fight for their right to take position as King.

To this day, King Bemthale has yet to name a successor. Those in his inner circle are usually all sycophants, catering to his every need in an obsequious manner as they attempt to get their foot in the door. However, many believe that the heir apparent will be none other than the King’s most trusted aide, Counsellor Zedrick.

Counsellor Zedrick

Counsellor Zedrick is a very intelligent Frost Dwarf, especially when it comes to political relations. In the past, he has closed many prosperous trade deals with other races in Erendorn. However, some would say that Zedrick’s intelligence is dangerous.

Possessing great manipulation skills and a cunning mind, the impetus behind Zedrick’s actions is the benefit it will bring to himself, even if it is at the expense of others. Even so, King Bemthale has instilled all of his trust into Counsellor Zedrick and many fear that as soon as the King has drawn his last breath, Zedrick will take the throne - whether it is decreed or not.

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