The Blue Melmees

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January 9, 2019
December 17, 2021
Digital painting of one of our Blue Melmees about to attack a plant monster in the jungle

The Most Endearing Creatures of Erendorn

For most creatures in Erendorn, what you see is what you get. There is no sugarcoating the Sinister Vampires, and the Bonelair Gargoyles are not just misunderstood. But for the creatures who occupy the High Forest of Erendorn, first impressions aren’t always what they seem.

Standing at just 26 inches tall, Blue Melmees are some of the most endearing creatures in Erendorn. With pointed ears poking out from striking blue fur and a bushy ringed tail that they wrap round themselves at night, this species is known for their sweet appearance - though they prefer to keep themselves scarce.

Life in the High Forest

Blue Melmees spend most of their lives in the treetops of the High Forest, which they rarely leave unless circumstances necessitate it. They live in complex little tree-houses high up in the canopies, and get around by darting back and forth between trunks and branches. Their characteristic tail adds extra balance and agility to the Blue Melmees, while their small size makes them quick and swift and light as a feather.  

When they are not in their skyward homes, these creatures are usually foraging on the forest floor during the gloaming hours of dusk. This is when most adventurers see glimpses of this mysterious species. As unfamiliar explorers wander closer and closer to Blue Melmee territory, dozens of bright, round eyes will begin to appear all around them. The Blue Melmees pay close attention to strangers, and their habit of watching them from afar has led to some races calling them the Eyes of the Forest.

Digital painting of the High Forest where the Blue Melmees live
The High Forest of Erendorn is home to many fantastical creatures, including the Blue Melmees who live high in the trees.

Blue Melmees Are Difficult Opponents

In everyday life, the appearance of the Blue Melmee is endearing and even lovable. But, as it turns out, their perceived sweetness is their greatest weapon.

Many races underestimate this ostensibly peaceful species. Attackers who enter the High Forest and threaten the Melmees’ territory often fall into the trap of assuming that the small, furry creature stood before them is totally harmless when really, as the Blue Melmee cocks its head from side to side, staring at them through its beady little eyes, they are analysing the best way to go for the kill.

With unmatched agility, swiftness and cunning, Blue Melmees have better mobility than most races in Erendorn, and can easily out-manoeuvre an opponent. From the vantage point of the trees, they are even prone to hurtling sharp, heavy rocks at their enemies, slowly whittling them down with their unrelenting persistence at inflicting damage. Combined with their incredible speed, which can quickly wear out larger opponents as they try to keep up, these creatures make an effective defence system and are quite difficult to beat. But, while they may be faster than many, they are certainly not the strongest species in Erendorn - until they feel threatened.

Savage Shapeshifters

When a Blue Melmee is backed into a corner, it undergoes a dramatic physical transformation into a huge, savage bear. Stronger and taller than most Ogres, no one is safe when a Blue Melmee shapeshifts. Once transformed into a savage bear, you had better move out of the way in case this once-endearing monster decides to perform its Huge Bash, an ability that deals high amounts of Physical Damage and leaves the target temporarily stunned.  

A Blue Melmee’s rage is uncontrollable in its savage bear state and a path of destruction follows them as they violently charge towards their opponent. While their time spent in this form is usually short-lived, they can inflict more than enough damage during those short moments - so never judge a Blue Melmee by its small, soft and furry cover.

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