The Watertargs

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January 1, 2024
June 19, 2024

The Watertargs are an ancient race that has recorded many pieces of Erendorn's history in sacred scrolls. Led by the sagacious Lazarix, this amphibious species once belonged to The Deep - but the waters below are stirring and something is driving them onto land. Now more than ever, the Watertargs must safeguard the ancient scrolls lest the secrets contained within them fall into the wrong hands.

Digital painting of the Watertargs from upcoming fantasy game, Depths of Erendorn

An Ancient Race

The Watertargs are an ancient, amphibious race who have occupied the world since before the sun had even blinked. They have evolved alongside Erendorn, witnessing many things that have since fallen from the memory of every other race. Through the eyes of their ancestors, they have seen the first rays of light break through the pitch black clouds; they have witnessed the extinction of many creatures that are now long forgotten by time. This race has seen the rise and fall of many kingdoms. They have watched as new magics swept across the lands and how more and more spellcasters began to succumb to the Void. The Watertargs know of every secret, of every conspiracy and clandestine plot; they have heard every whisper of Erendorn since time began and, most importantly, they have written it all down in their ancient scrolls.

Every morsel of history is ingrained into the collective memory of the Watertargs, but there are those who would do anything to learn these secrets. Protecting the information contained within the scrolls is the Watertargs’ ancestral duty. As all the races across Erendorn begin to grow in number, strength and power, it is more crucial than ever that the Watertargs safeguard the ancient knowledge that they have accumulated. But in recent times, this race is facing a different kind of threat.

The Deep

In Erendorn, there is a great lake that runs so deep into the earth and stretches so far into the horizon that its size is immeasurable. These waters are called The Deep and they are home to hundreds of creatures - and the deeper you go, the bigger they become. No one knows for certain what lies at the very bottom of these waters, but the rumours describe enormous monsters that have only been spoken of through legends.

The air feels thick and humid near The Deep and its overcast skies are mirrored by the stretch of fine white sand that surrounds the lake. Until recently, the waters of The Deep were a safe place that supported thousands of interconnected ecosystems. These waters are the Watertargs’ ancestral home - but something is stirring in the depths below and it’s driving many creatures onto land.

A Rising Threat to the Watertargs

What was once a balanced ecosystem has now become an uncontrollable feeding frenzy as monsters from the deepest parts of the water are being forced upwards. As these monsters devour whatever lies above them, so does every other sea creature begin feeding on whatever lies above them as they attempt to flee from the monsters teeming below.

But it is not the monsters who instigated this exodus. They themselves are trying to escape from something that has awakened in the deepest parts of these waters where the sun never reaches. Whatever is happening in the cold shadows of that place has changed The Deep forever and, for the first time in centuries, the Watertargs are fearing for their existence.

Many Watertargs have been devoured during the crisis of The Deep and as a result, their numbers have decreased significantly. While some have chosen to remain living in the shallow’s rocky alcoves, much of the population has migrated away from the waters to live on the shores in simple overwater huts. This has become their main settlement but they all hope that one day, when the waters of The Deep are safe again, they will be able to return to their rightful home.

4 3D models of Watertargs posed against a grey background
The Watertargs are an ancient race who possess some of the greatest secrets of Erendorn. They are an amphibious species who live between the rocky shallows and sandy shores of The Deep. Their armour is made from turtle shell and they are led by Lazarix the Ancient, the oldest of all Wetscale species.

Lazarix the Ancient: Leader of the Watertargs

The leader of the Watertargs is one of the oldest and wisest creatures still alive. Lazarix the Ancient has outlived all recorded Watertargs in Erendorn. He has seen hundreds of generations come and go and as such is a great source of knowledge for the Old Times.

During his leadership, Lazarix has not only ensured the protection of his race and their ancient scrolls, he has also secured their continuing procurement of knowledge in order to ensure that the Watertargs remain as Erendorn’s secret keepers. One of the ways Lazarix managed to do this came to him entirely by chance and in the form of an abandoned child; but it proved to be one of the most forward-thinking decisions he has ever made.


Shadow is a Twilight Elf who operates as the Watertargs’ main intelligence gatherer. Abandoned as a child and left for dead, Shadow was rescued by Lazarix from the treacherous wilderness that separates the west banks of The Deep from the Twilight Elves’ settlement. Shadow was henceforth raised as the son of Lazarix and as a result has an undying loyalty towards the Watertarg’s famed leader.

As a Twilight Elf, Shadow naturally possesses unrivalled stealth, impeccable combat abilities and a talent for infiltrating even the most impenetrable of defences. In spite of these natural proclivities, Lazarix personally trained Shadow from a very young age. He even allowed him access to the ancient scrolls in order to sharpen his knowledge on the history of Erendorn. This proved vital in his inimitable execution of espionage and, occasionally, assassinations.

Shadow’s innate physical prowess coupled with the tutelage he received from Lazarix has positioned him as one of the greatest spies in Erendorn, making him crucial to the Watertargs’ ongoing search for invaluable information.

Guarding the Secrets of the Scrolls

Since the Watertargs have spent millennia gathering secrets that must be kept safe, three elite groups are tasked with the protection of the ancient scrolls in order to prevent Erendorn from falling into chaos.

The Keepers are the first line of defence for the ancient texts. Every minute of every day, they guard the hold where the scrolls are kept lest an undercover attack is carried out.

The Silencers have a more proactive role in keeping their secrets safe. They are the brawn of the defence system and will often be extremely violent in their approach, striking preemptively at anything they deem a threat to the ancient scrolls.

The Wardens are tasked by Lazarix himself to guard the most valuable artifacts and the most sacred texts. Being entrusted to carry out these sacrosanct responsibilities is the highest honour a Watertarg can receive. The gravity of a Warden’s duty is shown by the fact that they would not hesitate in giving their own life to ensure the secrets of the scrolls are kept safe.

4 3D models of Watertargs from upcoming fantasy game, Depths of Erendorn
There is a huge variety of classes within the Watertarg race. These include Keepers, Silencers and Wardens, who all protect the ancient scrolls, and Excursionists, Cave Walkers and Searchers, who travel through Erendorn on their own journeys. In the game you can play as a Watertarg Excursionist - but that doesn't make other Watertargs your friends.

Within this population are many different types of Watertarg. Excursionists have an adventurous streak that leads them away from the shores of The Deep, Cave Walkers are skilled at traversing the legendary dungeons and Watertarg Searchers journey across Erendorn in the ongoing quest for knowledge. In spite of the threats this race faces as the keepers of such secrets, the Watertargs were one of the first races of Erendorn - and Lazarix is here to ensure that they will be one of the last.


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